Local Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Local Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording yourself singing is one of the best ways to improve your singing and playing with a band gives a set of skills that are extremely useful to any musician! We often get asked by students where they can go and record their first EP or rehearse with their band so we have put together a list of places where you can record music in Aberdeen. 

The Mill Recording Studio

Set in the Scottish countryside about 20 minutes from Aberdeen, the Mill is one of the main studio facilities in the North East of Scotland. They are well versed in recording all intruments and band types as well as all genres including rock, pop, jazz and classical music. One of their recent additions is a great service for our students. The Pop Star for a Day gives a slightly cheaper way of allowing students of all ages into the studio singing whatever they like with the guidance of an expert resident musician. 

ARC Recording Studio

ARC Studio is a slightly smaller studio set in the woodlands of Aden Park in north Aberdeenshire. They provide a full service package from multi-track recording to editing and mastering. They have recently worked with a huge range of artists from folk and traditional Scottish dance music to pipe bands and rock bands. The studio also takes part in helping young people to get into music by going into schools and allowing children into the studios to help get young peoplerecording and performing.  

Captain Toms Aberdeen

Captain Toms is a small studio in the centre of Aberdeen focusing on getting local bands recording. They have a fantastic in house producer, Paul Emerson, and have created a space which works brilliantly for local musicians. They have price structures for bands to rehearse as well as record and they have facilities for bands to hire equipment to perfom gigs.

Aberdeen Foyer

Aberdeen Foyer provides a wide range of services and opporunities for local people interested in music. They put on 5 to 10 gigs a year featuring lovcal bands across different venues in the city as well as providing facilities for bands to rehearse and record their music at an extremely reasonable price. This place is absolutely worth looking into if students are first looking into recording as they have good equipment and services at unbeatable prices. 

Tailored Tuition 

Whether you want to learn folk, rock or contemporary pop, I will tailor our lessons around what you enjoy to provide you with the skills you need to achieve whatever you set your sights on!

I teach students of all ages and am able to give after school lessons to help give younger students the best possible grounding in music in a fun and enjoyable environment. 

To book a lesson or to find out more please contact me on 01224 679318 or at info@singinglessonsaberdeen.co.uk!

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