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David Lorimer Singing Teacher

Hello! My name is Dave Lorimer and I am musician and singing teacher based here in Aberdeen, helping students of all abilities develop their vocal talents. I have had a life-long interest in music and song, having become hooked on music after competing and winning my first singing competition at the age of 10.

I learned to play harmonica and guitar at school and have studied with some well known singers and performers on the Scottish Jazz and Traditional Music scene. My approach to lessons and to teaching is organic; it grows from the student's voice and from my knowledge of what it takes to make best use of that voice and meet the needs of the song. The ability to sing is everyone's gift, it is also a craft that needs to be nurtured.

In our first lesson I will scope out your needs and find your vocal range, take a look the type of songs you like, sing a few songs together and look at how to find the right key for a song. To book your first lesson, or simply to find out more about my singing lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@singinglessonsaberdeen.co.uk.

Tailored Tuition 

Whether you want to learn folk, rock or contemporary pop, I will tailor our lessons around what you enjoy to provide you with the skills you need to achieve whatever you set your sights on!

I teach students of all ages and am able to give after school lessons to help give younger students the best possible grounding in music in a fun and enjoyable environment. 

To book a lesson or to find out more please contact me on 01224 679318 or at info@singinglessonsaberdeen.co.uk!

Learn to sing
Dave's lessons enabled my daughter to sing the songs she likes confidently in no time at all! His relaxed and enjoyable lessons are fantastic!